Logan County Park & Trails Foundation


Kickapoo Creek Park, part of the Logan County Park & Trails Foundation, is a lovely wooded prairie are just north of Lincoln, Illinois, at 2000 N. Jefferson Street. Intended as a wildlife park for the public, it will remain as secluded and natural as possible. Approximately half of the 160-acre park is wooded, with Kickapoo Creek meandering through the woods. A footbridge across the creek permits easy access to the more secluded north side.

Many of the trails for hiking have been cleared on both sides of Kickapoo Creek, as well as through the upper prairie land. One of the trails is a designated exercise trail, and other are ideal for cross-country skiing in the winter. A campground for scout groups is available, as are limited day camp facilities. Both canoeing and fishing are permitted in the creek.

Other amenities for the convenience of park visitors include picnic pavilions and tables, public toilets near the parking areas, and city water.

The park is open year round, from 7 a.m. to one half hour after sunset.

Flora & Fauna

The simple pleasures of a woodland environment await park visitors. Those hoping to catch a glimpse of wildlife may be rewarded by the appearance of white tailed deer, raccoons, pocket gophers, muskrats, beavers, coyotes, fox, ground hogs, and rabbits. Winter feeding stations are maintained to encourage animal and bird activity. Local songbirds may be observed, as well as several species of aquatic, shore, and game birds. Because the parks is an area for the protection and preservation of wildlife, no hunting is permitted at any time.

Since much of the wooded parkland is located on the flood-plain of Kickapoo Creek, the vegetation is typical of bottomlands. Nature walkers will find a variety of small plants and wildflowers, in addition to the approximately 70 varieties of trees and shrubs in the park. (A list of the latter is available at the park office.) One of the few remaining Osage Orange hedge rows is located at the east boundary of the park, undoubtedly planted by one of the early settlers. Thirty acres of land is dedicated to native prairie restoration.

Preserving Our Natural Areas

In Logan County, where 95% of the land is used for agricultural purposes, the pressure on the few remaining natural areas has been intense. In the five years between 1964 and 1969, the total woodland was reduced 25%. Woodland now comprises less than 2% of the total land area in Logan County, and each year the woodland is further reduced. If we expect our natural areas to remain in their present condition, we must take deliberate steps to provide for their protection.

The purpose of the Logan County Park & Trails Foundation is to receive and administer funds for the acquisition, development, beautification, preservation and operation of sites in Logan County, Illinois. These sites are suitable for parks, recreation, nature preservation, and as botanical, zoological, horticultural, and conservation areas for the benefit of the general public and the citizens of Logan County.

The Logan County Parks & Trails Foundation, incorporated in 1969, is privately funded and not associated with any governmental organization. The foundation is administered by a board of directors elected from its membership.

Their holdings consist of approximately 2,000 acres, one-third of which is woodland recreational areas. The other two-thirds is productive farm land; the income from this land, along with private donations, is used to support the park and recreational activities.